P N Medappa

Having graduated from Malnad College of Engineering , Hassan, Medappa worked with Ar. Padalkar for five years after which he worked in Chandravarkar and Thacker Associates with Ar. Sanjay Mohe till 2004, when Mindspace was formed . He continued to work in Mindspace as an associate partner till he became a partner in 2008. He regards A.r Sanjay Mohe as his mentor.
Medappa‘s simplicity truly reflects in his design. His constant search for spatial experience, poetics of light , integrating nature into the built, softness in space is aimed at engaging the emotive senses and spawn tranquil feeling. He believes that design is a language binding creativity and context.
Medappa’s works range from institutions , research labs, residential development and residences. He has won the J K cement award for IIM faculty housing and Ashima, A+ D award for IIM Hostel block.