Terry O Toole

Terry O’ Toole studied Architecture at the University of Queensland (Brisbane) in the early 1980’s. Whilst at University, Terry studied under Architects, all of whom were experimenting with tropical architecture utilizing traditional timber and tin to create a regional architectural style appropriate to hot , humid northern Australia.
Terry started his professional carrier in early 1990. After 10 years of private practice concerned mostly with larger commercial and institutional projects, Terry’s interest in tropical housing reignited and he acquired the Queensland branch of the well known Australian National Architectural firm of Troppo Architects.
Troppo is a practice of regionally based studios aiming to regionally responsive architectures. Troppo believes in promoting a Sense of Place: through an architecture that responds to climate and the local setting: a dynamic architecture of adjustable skins; that connects the indoors with the out : a non-constant architecture that responds to the morning, the evening, the season, the heat, the cold, the sun, the rain the moment that will never pass again.
Troppo embrace the informality that is the Australian lifestyle, both in approach to design as well as practice. Troppo is committed to the notion of environmentally sustainable, responsible architecture.
Troppo is nationally and internationally recognised, and is Australia’s 3rd most awarded practice, with works all over Australia, in Malaysia, Tel Aviv and Bali. Troppo has their offices in Darwin, Townsville, Adelaide, Perth and Byron Bay.