Marina Tabassum

Marina Tabassum graduated from the Department of Architecture at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka. She founded Marina Tabassum Architects, after her ten year partnership as founder partner of another firm called URBANA.
Marina Tabassum Architects or MTA started its journey in the quest to establish a language of architecture that is contemporary to the world, yet rooted to the place. MTA’s philosophy and work culture stands against the global pressure of industrial materials – that are easy and quick - fast breed of buildings, confused, impersonal, out of place and context. Their pledge is to root architecture to the place, and their material palette is the climate, the location, the culture of the people and the history of the land.
The firm’s projects done and at hand are varied, ranging from master planning of industry to eco resort to workers low budget housing, commercial and residential blocks. The projects, apart from Bangladesh, are in Abu Dhabi, Beirut and Kuala Lumpur.
Marina Tabassum is the visiting faculty at both the BRAC University and University of Asia Pacific in Dhaka. Apart from many commendation and awards, she was awarded the Architect of the Year Award, in New Delhi in 2001.