Alwar Balasubramanium

Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts from Government College of Arts, Madras and trained himself in printmaking form Edinburgh- UK and Vienna, Austria. A. Balasubramaniam (more familiar as Bala) is one of the most sought after artists in national and international circuits. His solo shows have been held in Spain, Austria, France, UK, and US besides India. He has also been part of many group shows held in Japan, Korea, Germany, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Hungary, Egypt, Poland, Taiwan, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Norway and Argentina.
Bala has numerous awards and grants to his credit. Balasubramaniam’s art continually raises questions about human perception and ways of understanding reality, says curator of Sublime Galleria, Mr. Giridhar Khasnis . “For over a decade now, Balasubramaniam has continued to challenge and defy our limits of perception, understanding of material, and experience of space,” says Deepak Talwar of Talwar Gallery, New York. His talent lies in being able to use art as a medium to draw our attention on scientific, architectural or aesthetic aspects that surround us in daily life.