SD Sharma

S D Sharma was born in 1931, completed his National Diploma in Architecture in 1959 and PG from Milan in 1966. In 1963, he enrolled himself in the team of Architects in the Capitol project of Chandigarh. By shear hard work, he rose to assist Le Corbusier and P. Jeanneret in the projects, specially the Museum in Chandigarh. The fact that Le Corbusier's museum was handed over to him for completion speaks of the person’s potential, drive and enthusiasm for the built form.
Between 1973 and 1979, S D Sharma was the chief Architect- Department of Space. He started practicing privately from 1980. In private practise, Sharma has had the opportunity to design a diverse range of projects from a small Bamboo Museum to massive science and health institutes. Known works are the Carmel Convent Auditorium and Chandigarh Campus for Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh.
S D Sharma has been awarded the Architect of the Year Award in 1998 by J.K Cements, Babu Rao Mhatre Gold Medal 2001 by Indian Institute of Architects, for lifetime contribution in the Field of Architecture and the Great Master Award, India by J K Cements
On S D Sharma’s presentation for MASA on 08th May 201
TITLE – "Experiencing Le Corbusier and Chandigarh"
It is rated that Le Corbusier is the great architect of the era. It was my rare experience to had the opportunity to work with him where i could personally saw him building in his philosophy in each line he drew.
Chandigarh is a unique urban experiment which has stood the test of time and even after 60 years of its inception. the idealism on the basis of which it was laid is still working even today it speaks of quality of life, tranquility and orderly environments."