ABRD Architects

Anupam Bansal and Rajesh Dongre established ABRD Architects in 1996. Anupam and Rajesh graduated from School of Planning and Architecture in 1993
Ar. Anupam Bansal & Rajesh Dongre
Upon inception ABRD worked on several projects for the French Embassy in association with Architect Stephane Paumier. This enabled a long-standing association, which went on to win several other competitions like Minto Hall Redevelopment, Bhopal, French Institute of Pondicherry amongst others. In 2001 they won the competition for Alliance Francaise of Delhi as an Indo French team. The project, which was completed in 2004, was widely acclaimed and became not only an architectural but also a cultural landmark.
With the award of NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences) Competition in Bangalore in 2006, the firm added a new building type to their repertoire i.e. of Research and Development facilities. With the completion of NCBS the firm has been involved in the design of various research institutions.
The studio is engaged in the design of building typologies such as town halls, hotels, schools, offices, residences, sound & video production studios. The result of every commission is determined by a series of critical design processes that result in an architectural expression that is contextually charged & contemporary.
ABRD Architects are engaged in diverse typologies ranging from Campus, Educational Institutions, Workspaces, Art Galleries, Hotels not only as a necessity but also as a means to explore various scales and construction techniques in architecture.