Christopher Benninger

Christopher Charles Benninger is an Indian architect and planner born in America. He studied urban planning at MIT and architecture at Harvard, where he later taught between 1969 – 72.
Ar. Christopher Benninger
On the invitation of Prof. B V Doshi in 1971, he resigned from his tenured post at Harvard and shifted to Ahmedabad as a Ford Foundation Advisor to the Ahmedabad Educational Society, where he founded the School of Planning. In 1976 he shifted to Pune, India, where he founded the Center for Development Studies and Activities.
With the award of NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences) Competition in Bangalore in 2006, the firm added a new building type to their repertoire i.e. of Research and Development facilities. With the completion of NCBS the firm has been involved in the design of various research institutions.
Prof. Benninger is also a Distinguished Professor at the CEPT, Ahmedabad and on the Board of Governors of the SPA, New Delhi.
This large format monograph traces architectural practice, through Benninger’s work, over the past five decades of economic transformation and social change. Benninger’s experience begins in the socialist, closed economic era, when India was a rural society. It blends into the present free market, urban society of the world’s largest global economy. Each of Benninger’s creations, whether in urban planning or architecture is a benchmark of India’s evolving character and persona.
Christopher Benninger: Architecture for Modern India
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