Lab Architecture

LAB was founded by Peter Davidson and Donald Bates, the studio has necessarily evolved as an organisation to reflect the different types of commissions undertaken, and the countries other than Australia where these occur. While federation square was a single commission in which both directors devoted the majority of their time, the office now has multiple commissions of varying types, running at different stages, across numerous countries. while the directors, Donald Bates and Peter Davidson, are responsible for setting the overall design direction of the projects, the senior associates are responsible for the day-to-day running of projects, including client and stakeholder interface and coordination with the consultant team.
David Racz
Studied at the AA and the Cooper Union. He has taught at the AA since 1988, as a tutor in the Diploma School, as a First Year unit master from 1989 to 1996 and as an Intermediate unit master since 1999. He runs his own London practice and is an associate director of lab architecture studio.
Miki Ando
Miki Ando is a senior Architect at lab architecture studio.