Sanjay Mohe

Graduated from Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai, Sanjay Mohe is one of the founders of Bangalore based firm Mindspace. He has held many positions of repute prior to that. He has had a working association with Chandravarkar and Thacker Associates from 1983 of which he was one of the directors, until the inception of Mindspace in 2004.
Sanjay Mohe has unwaveringly devoted his time in creating projects that are an amalgam of the latest global practices, technological advances and local influences. His work epitomizes the spirit seeking “spaces without boundaries and ideas without limits” his leitmotif being creation of spaces which is in harmony with nature and sympathetic to eco system.
His work spans a spectrum of projects – Institutions, Research labs, Residential development, Residences, Beach resorts, Libraries, hospice and corporate offices. Mohe also gives lectures in Schools of Architecture across the country and in various architectural events.
Mohe has a lot of awards to his credit. Some of them include The Golden Architect Award by A+D & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Award (2009), India; J K Cements Architect of the Year Award - 1991 / 1999 / 2001 / 2004 / 2007 / 2008; The Award of the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects - 2002; ar+d International Annual Award of Architectural Review (1999), London and d'line, for JRD Digital Library Bangalore; Gold Medal from ARCASIA (the Asian Forum for Institutes of Architecture-1998).