Romi Khosla

Romi Khosla is a well known architect with an international reputation. After graduating from The Architectural Association in London, he established his office and went onto become a Principle Consultant to the UNDP. Currently, he is the senior partner of the design firm Romi Khosla Design Studios.
Apart from designing buildings and Urban Planning, he has been an earth walker for decades. His extensive travels on foot into the deepest valleys of the inner Himalayas have been recorded in his book “Buddhist Monasteries in the Western Himalaya”. He has also traveled extensively in China and Tibet, where he has travelled extensively to remote Tang monastery sites.
Amongst other works, Romi has worked with the Aga Khan Trust for the Master Plan for the city of Kabul, with WTO and Government of China for the Master Plan for a new tourism infrastructure in the territory of Hainan following works, for UNESCO , the revitalizing the core historic cities of Samarkand and Bokhara and for the UNDP, the Kosovo Redevelopment and Urban renewal.
In India, Romi is known for his work at Doon School, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, Corporate HO of United Breweries, Bangalore, Corporate Headquarters Ballarpur Industries, Delhi and Eicher-Volvo Headquarters at Gurgaon.