Mohammad Rafiq Azam

Mohammad Rafiq Azam is a Bangladeshi architect. He is principal architect of the architecture firm Shatotto, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
In recent years a new current of thought has guided a number of Bengali architects' experiments in the direction of greater awareness of the value of their land as a unique resource and a heritage worth preserving. Shatotto is an architectural studio which is particularly committed to this line of thought. The studio works primarily on housing projects, with a strong accent on reconstruction of natural elements in the urban context, consciously taking advantage of the character of the local climate.
Rafiq Azam is also a teacher, a lecturer and a painter. He has given lectures worldwide and his work is published and exhibited on national and international platforms. He has been the architect of projects in Bangladesh and Malaysia. He has been a finalist twice for the Aga Khan Award of Architecture and has been a winner of World Architecture Community Awards numerous times.