Neil Foley

Neil Foley is a freelance Product Designer operating from Bangalore, India. He joined the five year professional educational programme at The National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India in 1990, specialising in Product Design (Industrial Design). He has been designing products for numerous companies in varied product categories from automobiles to fashion products ever since graduation in 1995.
His design philosophy is two-fold: aimed towards first tackling the functional requirements of a product and then treating the whole product semantics in the required emotive avatar, keeping the manufacturing methods as one of the key factors in the design process.
Foley has gained recognition in the international market due to the success of a number of his designs. He was awarded the Designer of the year-2004 by 'Elle Décor’ for a range of lifestyle products manufactured and retailed under the brand name 'Neil Foley Designs'.
His other interests include Visualization of future automotive design, model making of fighter aircraft, adventure sports, science fiction movies and travelling.