The office from its initial conception was imagined to operate like a studio. The term “studio” is extremely critical in this context. “Studio” is generally associated with architectural education i.e. academia. To use this term is extremely important as architecture as a “speculative practice” can thrive in a studio atmosphere. The spirit of speculation manifests itself into strategic processes which enable projects to evolve from conceptual ideas to sophisticated finished products. This process based rigor can be sensed in all the projects. Regardless of the scale, the ambition for each project is the same; this ambition is laced with a certain sensibility, a sensibility that helps us achieve new spatial and formal effects.
Cadence has been published in national as well as international architectural journals. The firm has also won national awards in architecture as well as interior design, the most coveted ones being, A+D Spectrum Awards’07 (National) – Commendation –Young Enthused Architect and IIID MK Awards’08 (National) – Winner – Emerging Interior Design Practice.